GoodData University

GoodData University offers standard training courses to help you get the most out of the GoodData platform.

If you are interested in customized training that is tailored to your implementation and data, contact your GoodData Account Manager.

GoodData University courses are divided into two main areas:

Front-End Training

GoodData front-end training focuses on empowering business users to explore data and develop insights using the GoodData portal.

These eLearning courses are offered free of charge to direct GoodData customers.

If you are using GoodData through Zendesk or one of our partners, such as TOTVS or Keboola, contact the account manager for your primary vendor to obtain training.

Back-End Training

GoodData back-end training courses are intended for technical staff who will be creating data models, developing ETL (extract-transform-load) processes to load data into the GoodData Agile Data Warehouse (ADS) facility and to GoodData workspaces, and provisioning workspaces and users.

These back-end courses are typically delivered via webinar presentation but can be delivered in person if required.