Publish your Logical Data Model

After you create your logical data model, you can publish the model. When you publish a model that has datasets that you created form CSV files, you can also upload data from the CSV to the workspace. If your model uses datasets from a data source, you must publish the model before you can upload the data. This article will explain how to publish your logical data model.


  1. Select Publish in the LDM Modeler.
  2. Choose the publishing mode.
    The Preserve data mode is selected by default.

    • Preserve data
      The LDM is published only if publishing does not delete any data. If the publishing process detects that something has been deleted from the LDM, it will fail, and no changes will be made to your current LDM.
      Use this mode when you are creating an LDM from scratch or editing an LDM but not deleting any current data from the LDM. This will help preserve the LDM if you delete objects or relationships unintentionally.
    • Overwrite
      The LDM is published regardless of whether any data is going to be deleted.
      Use this mode when you need to delete some objects or relationships from the LDM.

      Use the Overwrite mode carefully.

      If the LDM update includes the deletion of facts or attributes that are currently used in any measure, report, or dashboard in your workspace, those measures, reports or dashboards will stop working and may cause data inconsistency or loss. The publishing cannot be undone.

  3. If you created a dataset from a CSV file in the LDM that you are now publishing, the Upload data from imported CSV files checkbox is displayed. The checkbox is selected by default. This means that the actual data from the CSV file will be uploaded to the dataset that was created based on this file.

    • If you want to load the data from the CSV file, keep this checkbox selected.
    • If you do not want to load the data from the CSV file and want to only create the dataset, uncheck the box.
  4. Select Publish.
    The publishing process starts. When the publishing completes, you see a message that the LDM has been published.

    If you created your datasets from a data source, you can now load the data from the data source to your workspace.

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