GoodData for Freshdesk Documentation

GoodData for Freshdesk is a Freshworks Marketplace app designed to provide out-of-the box analytics for your customer support teams.

Designed with non-technical users in mind, the app offers the same analytical and visualization tools that are available on the full-scale GoodData platform.

With the GoodData for Freshdesk app, you do not have to construct complex data pipelines and devise sophisticated logical data models.

What’s in the box?

GoodData for Freshdesk comes with a pre-defined set of:

  • Dashboards - visualizations tools
  • Insights - analytical tools that you construct in Analytical Designer
  • Measures - formulae that make calculations over your data

The GoodData app integrates with your Freshdesk environment with the support of our Single Sign-on feature.

Who can use GoodData for Freshdesk?

GoodData for Freshdesk is available in the Freshworks marketplace for the following pricing plans:

  • Estate
  • Forest
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Using the GoodData app is available for the following roles:

  • Account administrator
  • Administrator
  • Supervisor

If you are unsure if GoodData for Freshdesk suits your needs, you can use the app for 21 days for free.

Geographical restrictions

At the moment, the GoodData app is only available for Freshdesk accounts that are based in North American and European datacenters.

Expand GoodData for Freshdesk

If your needs outgrow the supplied set of analytical tools, you can create new dashboards and insights to match your specific use cases.