Create Metrics

The GoodData Demo Workspace comes preloaded with data and metrics which you can use to construct insights and dashboards. In this section, you will learn how we created some of the metrics in the demo workspace and how to create and save a new metric, and reuse it.

To create or modify existing metrics you use the Metric Editor.

Metric Editor is a part of the workspace management tools. After you create a new metric, it is available in the Data Catalog section of the Analytical Designer.

Why You Should Save Your Metrics

When you build a metric in the Metric Editor, you use GoodData’s own query language called MAQL (MAQL - Analytical Query Language). MAQL allows you to build reusable metrics and filters and avoid building one-off SQL queries in a web user interface. MAQL allows you to create metrics with a simple expression language, and it also allows you to combine simple expressions into powerful complex metrics.