Find Documentation for Your GoodData Plan

GoodData platform is available through three pricing plans and multiple add-on options. This is reflected in GoodData documentation that is now available tailored for you pricing plan.

Select Your Documentation Version

To read the plan-specific documentation, ensure to select the corresponding version from the drop-down menu next the language selector.

If the version you are looking for is not available for a given page, it means that feature is not available in that pricing plan.

Search works within the selected version only.

If you want to explore documentation for other pricing plans, use the version selector and enter your keyword.

Ocassionally, you may come across a grayed-out link that is not clickable. That means that the feature is not available for your pricing plan.

If you are interested in the linked feature, simply switch to another documentation version and either click the link or use the search box.

If you believe that a cross-plan link is erroneous, or you find a dead link, feel free to contact us using the Send Us Feedback form.


Yellow add-on label indicates that the feature is available as a paid-for option for your pricing plan. Click the add-on link to learn more about add-on options.

Add-ons are available for Growth and Enterprise plans. They can either expand your tooling or add capacity to your existing tools.

For a detailed overview of available options, log in to the GoodData Support portal.

Pages in technical documentation often move and/or get renamed. This occasionally results in bookmarks no longer working.

Click the Share button to obtain a universal hyperlink that will work no matter what happens to the page - unless it’s physically deleted.