Schedule a Data Load

Create a schedule that moves the data from where your source data is located to your workspace. You can configure a schedule to run at a specified time or to allow the schedule to be run only manually. Only one data loading process can be executed at a time.

You do not need to specify login credentials or be logged into the GoodData platform at the time of execution for a schedule to be initiated.


  1. On the top navigation bar, select Data. The LDM Modeler opens.
  2. Click Load.
  3. Click Schedule data loads or Schedule a data load. The schedule dialog opens. 
    1. Select the Data Source from which you want to load data to your workspace.

    2. Select the datasets to load data to.

    3. Select the frequency of execution:

  4. Click Schedule load. The schedule dialog closes. The schedule is saved. The GoodData platform will execute the process as scheduled.
  5. (Optional) To start the load immediately, click Run now (see Run a Scheduled Data Loading Process on Demand).