Data Integration Console Workspace Screen

In the Workspaces screen of the Data Integration Console, you can review all of the workspaces to which you have access.

  • Click Workspaces in the menu bar.

    You can only modify workspaces for which you are an administrator.
  • To search your available workspaces, enter a workspace identifier or a search string for the workspace name in the textbox.
  • To filter the list of workspaces based on the results of last execution of the process, make a selection from the drop-down above of the table.
  • To the left of the name of each workspace, you can review the results of the most recently scheduled process. A green checkmark indicates a successful execution.
  • To review the details of a workspace's processes, click the name of the workspace.

Bulk Operations

In the Workspaces screen, you can apply the same operation to multiple workspaces at the same time.

  • For more information on applying bulk operations to processes, see Data Integration Console Overview Screen.

    The order of execution of bulk operations cannot be guaranteed based on the selections in this screen. If there are dependencies on execution order, you should avoid using bulk operations.

  • To select all workspaces for which you are an administrator, click the checkbox next to the Deploy Process button.
  • You can also select one or more specific workspaces.
  • After you make your selections, click the button above the list of workspaces to apply the operation.
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