Querying Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is built on Vertica, a leading-edge columnar database, and supports the SQL:99 standard with Vertica specific extensions. For Vertica version information, see Data Warehouse and Vertica

Vertica supports SQL standards for creating and querying for data. For more information on query capabilities, use the following Vertica references:

  • General querying for data: see SELECT SQL Command

  • Analytic functions return aggregated results. However, the result set is not grouped. Group values are returned with each record. See SQL Analytics.

  • Time Series analytics evaluate the values of a given set of variables over time. Those values are then grouped into buckets, based on a defined time interval, for analysis and aggregation. See Time Series Analytics.

  • Event Series joins enable analysis of two series when their measurement intervals do not align precisely. For example, mismatched timestamps can be compared. You can compare values from the two series directly, rather than normalizing the two series to the same interval before comparison. See Event Series Joins.