Resource Limitations

To following resource limitations apply in Data Warehouse.

Memory Limitations

By default, individual customer queries are not allowed to allocate more than 10 GB of RAM. This limitation may vary depending on your license. For more information, contact GoodData Account Management.

Time Limitations

Queries running for longer than 2 hours to execute are terminated.

Sessions open for longer than 2 hours and 10 minutes are terminated.

Parallel Query Limitations

You can have up to 4 queries in parallel per customer token.

  • If more than 4 queries are executed in parallel, additional queries are queued for running at a later time when resources become available. Resources are checked once per minute.

  • Each query is allocated memory from your shared memory pool, so you may run into the memory limitations even if you are within your query count limitation.

  • If queries are queued for more than two hours, they are terminated.