XAE - Extensible Analytics Engine

The GoodData platform combines the power of highly customizable and understandable dashboards based on our powerful multi-dimensional analytical query language.

The Extensible Analytics Engine leverages our proprietary MAQL/XAE Language, which offers context-dependent metric dimensionalities, allowing users to apply metrics in many contexts without changing the metric’s definition. You can even nest one metric in another to build more complex KPIs.

The advantage of the GoodData platform becomes apparent when you begin manipulating data without impacting the underlying physical data model. GoodData logical data models abstract from the complexities of a physical data model, allowing users to focus on business use cases, rather than how a workspace’s data is stored.

With the new architecture and all-new features, XAE provides more reporting value, tackling more complex use cases and improving existing ones. In its most advanced form including better query optimization and execution and more.

The XAE is designed to help streamline the way organizations analyze and make data driven decisions on a daily basis.