Sankey Diagrams

Sankey diagrams show the flows of values from one category to another. For example, a sankey diagram can show the movement of goods at each stage of a supply chain, such as production, transportation, and consumption. This makes it useful for highlighting trends and resource optimization.

Sankey Diagrams have the following sections:

  • Metrics
  • Attribute (From)
  • Attribute (To)
  • Configuration

You can also display the values as a percentage of the total sum. To do so, check the Show in % checkbox in the Metric section.

This diagram cannot show a circular movement. If 2 nodes are both a source and a target to each other, for example representing flights from airport A to airport B and then back to A, the diagram will not be properly generated. It is therefore necessary that your data sources contain only values relevant to the flow in one direction.

Sankey Chart

For information about common characteristics and settings of all visualizations, see the Visualization Types section.