Headlines can display up to three individual numbers or compare two numbers. They are useful for highlighting the most important data. You can display metrics and attribute counts (not attribute values).

Headlines have the following sections:

  • Metric (primary)
  • Metric (secondary)
  • Configuration

You can add one primary and up to two secondary metrics. If you use one primary and one secondary metric, the visualization also displays the comparison of both metrics. Using all three disables the Comparison feature.


The Configuration section enables you to fine-tune the comparison of metrics. If Comparison is turned off, the headline simply shows the values of metrics. By turning it on, you can:

  • See the numerical difference between metrics.
  • Choose a Calculated as method:
    • Change: Calculates the relative change between primary and secondary metric values.
    • Change (Difference): Calculates both the relative change and absolute difference between primary and secondary metric values.
    • Ratio: Quantifies the primary metric’s share in the secondary metric.
    • Difference: Calculates the absolute difference between primary and secondary metric values.
  • Format the result using the Format menu, including script-based formatting.
  • Specify the Position of the result, such as the main number on top.
  • Add an Arrow to graphically represent comparisons.
  • Apply Color coding based on the result of the comparison.
  • Define Conditional labels that add your own text to the comparison depending on its value. This feature is available only with Change, Change (Difference), and Difference calculations.
  • Modify the text label below the comparison in the Name field.

To compare your data to the same period of the previous year, see Time over Time Comparison.

For information about common characteristics and settings of all insights, see Insight Types.

Headlines versus KPIs

On Dashboards , you can also use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to display a single number or compare two nubers. KPIs are similar to headline insights, however, there are some differences:

  • KPIs display only facts and metrics. Headlines can also display attributes.
  • On Dashboards, KPIs can have alerts that notify you about reaching a certain limit. Headlines do not support alerts.