Enable Weeks in Date Filters

Week filters allow you to compare the data to the previous period or the same period of the last year in week filters, and use weeks when customizing your date filter on Dashboards.

If week filters are not available in Analytical Designer or Dashboards, you have to enable them.


  1. Migrate the Date datasets in your workspace to the urn:custom_v2:date date dimension. To do so, see “Migrate from a Legacy Date Dimension to urn:custom_v2:date” in Manage Custom Date Dimensions.
  2. Enable weeks in date filters in Analytical Designer and KPI Dashboards on the GoodData Portal. To do so, set the enableWeekFilters platform setting to true (see Configure Various Features via Platform Settings).

For more information about date filters in Analytical Designer and Dashboards, see Filters in Analytical Designer and Date Filters in Dashboards.