Permission to Edit Workspace Metrics

By default, workspace administrators and editors (see User Roles) can edit any user-defined metrics. Administrators can deny editors' permission to edit these objects.


  1. Click Manage on the toolbar.
  2. On the Data tab, click Metrics.
  3. Click the metric that you want to lock. The metric page opens.
  4. Click Sharing & Permissions. The metric permission dialog opens.
  5. Select Only Admins can modify this metric, and click Save Permissions. The metric is now locked, and only workspace administrators can edit it. The padlock symbol appears next to the Sharing & Permissions button.

Lock Objects for Powered by GoodData Environments

For more information on locking objects via API, see Managing Users and Access Rights.  Metrics retain any edit and visibility restrictions when they are individually exported and then imported into another workspace.

If you export a dashboard via API, all insights and metrics referenced in the dashboard are included in the export. These referenced objects retain any edit and visibility restrictions.