Default and Custom Domains

A GoodData domain is the domain and associated URL used to access the GoodData platform.

Before March 23, 2017, all customers and workspaces were kept in a single universal domain (the default domain; traditionally,, with the option of a customized white-labeled URL. The customers (including white-labeled customers) accessed the GoodData platform via the single login address at or the customized white-labeled URL.

On March 23, 2017, the concept of isolated custom domains was introduced that allows greater control over customer workspace access and user credentials.


Custom Domains

A custom domain offers you a unique domain name with the following pattern:


For example, if your company name is AcmeCorp and your GoodData domain is located in the European Union (see GoodData Datacenters), your domain URL will be:

Differences between the Default Domain and a Custom Domain

Default DomainCustom Domain
CustomersCustomers who started using the GoodData platform before March 23, 2017, including white-labeled customers

Customers who joined GoodData after March 23, 2017, and customers who requested and successfully migrated to a custom domain after March 23, 2017

URL or a customized white-labeled URL


GoodSuccess access

Migration to a Custom Domain

To migrate to a custom domain, contact GoodData Support. With the migration to a custom domain, you will be provided with a new hostname, which can be customized upon request.

If you have a white-labeled URL to access the GoodData platform (for example, and request a change to a custom domain, you will still keep your white-labeled URL but you will have greater control over user access.

If you want to request your own customized domain URL, see White Label an Existing Domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything if I am using the default domain?

Nothing for now. GoodData will contact you when rolling out your new custom domains. If you want to request migration to a new custom domain now, contact GoodData Support.

Why would I want to migrate to a custom domain?

Having a custom domain allows you greater control over your users. Your users will be able to access different domains and workspaces on the GoodData platform with the same credentials.

What should I consider before migrating to a custom domain?

  • Import and export work in the same manner across domains as in a single domain (across datacenters).
  • All settings are persisted during domain migration.
  • All users and workspaces are migrated with the current settings. You will not lose set credentials or already created users.
  • All registrations (verified or not), invitations (accepted or not), and password reset requests (used or not) are deleted during domain migration. They must be re-sent in the new domain when the migration is completed.
  • Unfinished processes must be restarted when the migration is completed.
  • All APIs must get the new, migrated format when the migration is completed (for example, {domain_name}.{datacenter_region}
  • Cross-domain invitations are not supported.

How do I migrate to a custom domain?

Contact GoodData Support.

How can I work with WebDAV?

If you use user-specific storage (see User Specific Data Storage), change your username from {login} to {domain}\{login} where {domain} is the name of the custom domain.

For workspace-specific storage (see Workspace Specific Data Storage), the username stays the same ({workspace_id}@{login}).

In GoodData, terms workspace and project denote the same entity. For example, project ID is exactly the same as workspace ID. See Find the Workspace ID.

How can I use WebDav and API from clients that do not support SNI?

Non-SNI clients

Use the X-GDC-HOST header besides the X-GDC-CHECK-DOMAIN header.

Non-SNI clients that use WebDAV

SNI support

To find out whether you support SNI, use any public SNI client test, for example,

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