Deploy a Data Loading Process for Automated Data Distribution v2

You deploy a process for Automated Data Distribution (ADD) v2 as part of setting up direct data distribution from data warehouses (for example, Snowflake or Redshift) and object storage services (for example, Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob).

For more information about distributing data from various data warehouses and object storage services, see Direct Data Distribution from Data Warehouses and Object Storage Services.


  1. From the Data Integration Console (see Accessing Data Integration Console), click Workspaces.

  2. Click the name of the workspace where you want to deploy an ADD v2 process.

  3. Click Deploy Process. The deployment dialog opens.

  4. From the Component dropdown, select Automated Data Distribution.

  5. From the Data Source dropdown, select the Data Source that you want to use within the ADD v2 process (describing your data warehouse or object storage service).

  6. Specify the workspaces to load the data to: 

    • If you want to load the data to the current workspace, select Current Workspace. Optionally, if you want to load only the data that is related to a specific customer, enter its client ID.

    • If you have multiple workspaces to load data to and you have the workspaces organized into segments (see Set Up Automated Data Distribution v2 for Data Warehouses and Set Up Automated Data Distribution v2 for Object Storage Services), select Segment (LCM) and then select the segment containing the workspaces to distribute the data to.

  7. Enter the name of the process. The alias will be automatically generated from the name. You can update it, if needed.

  8. Click Deploy. The process is deployed.

You can now schedule the deployed data loading process (see Schedule a Data Load).