Change the Length of Attribute Labels


By default, attribute labels are set to be 128 characters long. In some cases, this length is insufficient. For example, if an attribute label is used to store URLs, 128 characters may not be enough to store a full URL or URI.

This article provides information for how to modify the attribute label length in your project.

The GoodData Portal always shows max 255 characters. However:

  • When you export a report or a dashboard to CSV or XLSX, the exported file contains all the uploaded characters.
  • Filters consider the whole length of an attribute label.  If you are searching for a particular attribute and your search string is longer than 255 characters, the search successfully returns the found attributes (providing they exist).

Change the length of an attribute label in the gray pages

To change the length of an attribute label in the gray pages, apply a MAQL DDL statement to your logical data model through the gray pages. 

Create a MAQL DDL statement

Before you start, create the MAQL DDL statement.

The MAQL DDL statement has the following format:

ALTER DATATYPE {d_dataset-name_attribute-name.nm_attribute-label-name} VARCHAR(new-label-length);
SYNCHRONIZE {dataset.dataset-name} PRESERVE DATA;

Example: You want to change the length of the attribute label and set it to 256 characters and you have the following objects:

  • label: label.employees.employeeid.employeename
  • attribute: attr.employees.employeeid
  • dataset: dataset.employees

Your MAQL DDL statement would be the following:

ALTER DATATYPE {d_employees_employees.employeeid.nm_employees.employeeid.employeename} VARCHAR(256); SYNCHRONIZE {dataset.employees} PRESERVE DATA;

Apply the MAQL statement


  1. Create a URL for accessing the project gray page where you can apply the MAQL DDL statement. In the following URL, replace the {workspace_id} section with your workspace ID. If you do not know your project ID, see Find the Workspace ID.{workspace_id}/ldm/manage2

    Your URL should look similar to the following:
  2. Log in to the GoodData Portal at

  3. Insert the URL created at Step 1 into the browser address bar, and press Enter. The gray page for executing MAQL DDL statements opens.

  4. In the MAQL script field, enter the MAQL DDL statement for changing the attribute label length that you have created. Your screen should look similar to the following: 

  5. Click Submit. The attribute label’s maximum length is updated.

  6. To verify the change, send a sample test dataset through CloudConnect Designer.