Geo Charts (pushpins)

Geo charts (pushpins) show you data that are broken down geographically. They show data points as bubbles using the coordinates from the location attribute. In addition, geo charts can display the size of the bubbles in proportions using another metric. If you add an attribute to the Segment by section, the bubbles get different colors for each value.

Geo charts (pushpins) have the following sections: Location, Metric (Size), Metric (Color), Segment by, and Configuration.

For information about common characteristics and settings of all insights, see Insight Types.

Configure data for geo charts

For information about the preparation of data for geo charts (pushpins), see Configure Data for Geo Charts (pushpins).


Location display

This example displays how the shops are distributed.

Put the Position attribute in the Location section. Each dot represents a location where a shop is located. All dots have the same size.

Dot size based on value

If you want to see a different size of the dots based on the metric value, add a metric to the Metric (size) section.

 Dot color shade based on metric value

If you put an item to the Metric (color) section, the data display different shades of the color based on the metric value.

Dot color based on attribute value

If you put an attribute to the Segment by section, the data display different color for each attribute value.

The following image shows population in cities segmented by country.