SFTP for Loading Data to the GoodData Platform

SFTP as a method of loading data to the GoodData platform is deprecated and will stop working on January 1, 2023. New implementations will be using WebDAV or other means of uploading data.

Why we deprecated this feature

We want to streamline the data load capabilities to provide the best services. As a technology, SFTP lacks some important features (for details, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/11220190/518612).

Are you affected?

You are affected if your solution is using SFTP as a means of loading data to the GoodData platform or for storing any intermediate results of the loading process.

Action required

Before January 1, 2023, migrate your solution to use WebDAV or other means of data distribution (for example, Automated Data Distribution; see Automated Data Distribution Reference).

What will happen if you do not switch to a different method of loading data

You will no longer be able to upload your data to the GoodData platform.

Need help?

If you have questions, contact GoodData Support.