When managing workspaces via Life Cycle Management (see Managing Workspaces via Life Cycle Management), the following bricks are available:

  • The release brick creates master workspaces for one or more segments within a data product based on a predefined template called ‘Development master workspace’. If the segments or the data product do not yet exist, the release brick creates them as well. For more information, see Release Brick.
  • The rollout brick synchronizes all the client workspaces (logical data model, ETL processes, dashboards, reports, metrics, and so on) in the synchronized segments with the latest version of the segment’s master workspace. For more information, see Rollout Brick.
  • The provisioning brick creates clients' workspaces under the appropriate segments, and deploys the reports, dashboards, filters, logical data model, ETL, and metadata from the master workspace to the clients' workspaces within a segment. Optionally, the provisioning brick deletes obsolete clients and their workspaces. For more information, see Provisioning Brick.
  • The users brick helps you manage users within a domain or workspace. For more information, see Users Brick.
  • The user filters brick lets you manage user access to the data in a workspace based on data filters. For more information, see User Filters Brick.