Create a Custom User Role

If none of the existing user roles (see User Roles) does not meet your business requirements, you can request a custom user role.


If you handle sensitive personal medical information and must comply with the standards set by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), you may need a user role with the privileges of the Administrator user role (able to access and use all the features of the GoodData Portal, manage users, data permissions, and workspace data) except for the permission to load data to workspaces (create, modify, or delete data load processes) to restrict access to the customers' source data. In this case, you can request a custom user role of a limited administrator, which would have all the permissions of the Administrator user role minus those controlling data load processes (the canManageETLFile and canInitData user permissions; see User Roles Permissions).

Creating a custom user role is done by GoodData Support. It is a paid service and must be first approved by your Customer Success Manager. With questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Creating, testing, and deploying a custom user role is aligned with the GoodData release cycle and might take up to a few weeks.

Once created, a custom user role is available across your domain.


  1. Get an approval from your Customer Success Manager.
  2. Submit a request to GoodData Support. In your request, provide the following information:
    • The standard user role that your custom user role is based on, and the user permissions to add to it or remove from it (see User Roles Permissions)

    • The name of the custom user role

    • The domain where you want to deploy the custom user role