Create a Workspace

The workspace is where you organize, analyze and present data. Before you load any data from any source (data warehouse, CSV) into GoodData, you must create a workspace.

Each workspace should correspond to a specific set of unique data. For example, if you have four sets of data from four different customers that you plan to create analytics for, you should create a workspace that corresponds to each customer.

GoodData Free plan account supports up to five workspaces.

To create a workspace:

  1. Log in to the GoodData platform.

  2. Navigate to the homepage by clicking the GoodData (G) icon or Home in the workspace selector (see Switch Between Workspaces).

  3. Click Create workspace on the homepage.

  4. Name your workspace.

  1. Click Create. The workspace is created. 

  2. Click either load your data in the green confirmation message or Open in the list of workspaces. The Data page opens displaying your data loading options.