Learn the Platform Essentials

GoodData is a powerful data analytics tool that can be modified to serve diverse businesses objectives. This article provides an overview of Getting Started with GoodData. Individual procedures are described in detail in their respective sections. 

Work with Workspaces

Workspaces are where you manage, analyze and present data. By default, each GoodData Free and GoodData Growth account is provided a Demo Workspace. Before you can load your own data to the GoodData platform, you must create at least one workspace.

Load Data

After you create a workspace, you can either connect your workspace with a supported data source or directly upload CSV files and create your logical data model.

Create Metrics

After your data is loaded, you can create your own metrics to analyze your data in Analytical Designer. The demo workspace provides example metrics to help you understand how to create your own. This step is optional and dependent on what you would like to analyze as the facts from your data model are available by default in Analytical Designer.

Add Insights and Dashboards

After your data is loaded and you optionally create metrics, you use Analytical Designer to create insights into your data.

Once you construct your insights in Analytical Designer, you can create dashboards to present your analysis.

Share GoodData

After you have created your workspace, loaded your data, created metrics, and made your insights and dashboards, GoodData platform’s multi-tenancy allows you to distribute various platform elements to your individual clients by embedding GoodData elements into your own product.