Coordinate Rollout

When the white-labeled domain is ready to go live, coordinate its rollout to the user community. This coordination is important because after the white-labeled domain is exposed, users can no longer access projects and dashboards through In the GoodData Customer Support request for white-labeling, you must agree with Support on a rollout date.

Before rollout

  1. Communicate the timeline of the rollout to all impacted users and your GoodData domain administrator.
  2. Verify that users of the white-labeled environment understand that they projects and dashboards will be available only through the new URL, not through
  3. Notify developers maintaining the white-labeled domain that they must use the new domain for GoodData API calls.

    To perform calls using after migrating to the white-labeled domain, you must include the following HTTP header:


    If you forget this header, you receive an error message like the following: hostname in certificate didn't match: !=

After rollout

Ask users to log in to the new domain and verify their access. If users cannot access the white-labeled domain, ask the administrator to add them via API or open a  GoodData Customer Support request.

After users have been added to the domain, use the Invite User API to add users to specific projects. Users receive an email invitation, which may or may not have been customized yet. When accepted, they have immediate access to the project.

To silently add users to the project without sending an invitation, use the Add User API.

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