Configure Identity Provider with Salesforce

The GoodData platform has a built-in support for integrating with Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO). Your users can use their Salesforce logins to interact with your GoodData workspaces. This article outlines the data that you must gather and the configuration steps required to integrate with Salesforce SSO.

For more information on GoodData SSO and SSO in general, see Single Sign-On Overview and SAML SSO with GoodData.


  1. Log in to your Salesforce account, and add a new domain (for more information, see Salesforce user documentation).
  2. Enable Salesforce as Identity Provider (for more information, see Salesforce user documentation).
  3. Download the Identity Provider certificate, note Issuer and save it for later use.
  4. Set up a new connected app:
    1. Select Enable SAML.
    2. Set Entity Id and ACS URL to https://{your-subdomain-name}``/gdc/account/samllogin.
    3. Select the Identity Provider that you created in Step 2.

5. Open the connected app details and look for SAML Login Information. Note IdP-Initiated Login URL and save it for later use. 6. Set up Connected app access for profile: go to Setup -> Users -> Profiles, click Edit for the selected profile, click Connected apps, and select the app that you created in Step 4. 7. Determine which SSO scenario you are configuring and follow the relevant instructions: - If configuring for a Service Provider-initiated scenario, see SAML SSO with GoodData - Service Provider-initiated Scenario. - If configuring for an Identity Provider-initiated scenario, see SAML SSO with GoodData - Identity Provider-initiated Scenario.