Publish Your Logical Data Model in CloudConnect

Publish the logical data model currently displayed in the LDM Modeler.

This publishing process is applicable only if you are publishing the entire logical data model, overwriting the existing model in the target project. If the target project contains customizations to the data model, manage the changes selectively.

Depending on how complex your logical data model is, the size of your datasets and also general load of the GoodData platform, publishing the model may take up to a few minutes to complete (up to a few hours in case of large datasets). While publishing is still in progress, users working with the reports in the project may see the following error message:

An error occurred while performing this operation.

To avoid this, plan the publishing for low-peak hours, whenever possible.


  1. Open the logical data model in your Model Editor pane.
    If it is already opened, save the data model so that there are no unsaved changes. Select File > Save.
  2. Validate your data model. See Validating Your Data Model in CloudConnect.
  3. In the Details sidebar, click Publish model to server.
    If errors are detected in the model, the Problem Occurred dialog is displayed.

    Due to technical issues with the underlying software platform, you may encounter discrepancies between the contents of the Problems tab and the errors reported when you publish your model to the server. To synchronize these messages, save your work, restart CloudConnect Designer and attempt to publish your model immediately.

  4. To review errors, click Details. Review the list of errors and address problems until the logical data model passes this validation step.
    The Choose a project window is displayed.
    If you have set the working project, it is pre-selected as the project to publish your model to (see Changing the Working CloudConnect Project).
  5. Do one of the following:
    • (Only if you have set the working project) To publish the LDM to your working project, click OK.
    • To publish the LDM to one of your existing projects, select the project, and click  OK.
    • To add the LDM to a new project, click  Create… . For more information on creating CloudConnect projects, see Loading Data Using CloudConnect.
  6. If your LDM is an updated version of one that is already associated with the project, review the changes and their impact on the project. See Managing LDM Project Changes in CloudConnect.

    Where possible, preserve data. Some changes to an existing data model cause cascading removal of metrics and reports from the destination GoodData project.

  7. Click Publish.
    The target project is checked to see if there are dependencies in it to the changes being made to the logical data model.
    CloudConnect attempts to publish the data model to the project.

    By default, CloudConnect Designer prevents you from publishing changes to elements of your LDM that have dependencies in the target project. If there are dependencies, a separate workflow is required. For more information, see Managing LDM Dependencies in CloudConnect.

    If the publication is successful, the following message is displayed:
    Server model updated.
    All changes were successfully applied.

  8. Click OK.

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