FOR Previous

By default, the FOR Previous function refers to values from one time period ago. You can customize FOR Previous by adding a second parameter to the function.

For differences between FOR Previous and FOR PreviousPeriod, see Functions For Referring to Past Time Periods.


SELECT … FOR Previous(…,…)
SELECT metric FOR Previous(time_attribute)
SELECT metric FOR Previous(time_attribute, #periods_ago)


SELECT Revenues FOR Previous(Quarter)

By default, FOR Previous()refers to values from one time period ago. This can be customized by adding a second parameter to the function. For example, you may want to return a revenue value from three quarters ago (see below).

SELECT Revenues FOR Previous(Quarter , 3)

To be able to use FOR Previous to compare data to the same period of the last quarter/year when filtering by weeks, do the following:

  1. Switch the version of the Extensible Analytics Engine (see XAE - Extensible Analytics Engine) to 3.
    To do so, set the xae_version platform setting to 3 (see Configure Various Features via Platform Settings).
  2. Migrate the Date datasets in your project to the urn:custom_v2:date date dimension.
    To do so, see "Migrate from a Legacy Date Dimension to urn:custom_v2:date" in Manage Custom Date Dimensions.

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