Dashboard Design Lab

Welcome to the Dashboard Design Lab, where you can find tips and tricks for building clear and insightful dashboards that look great, too. You can also use the provided assets below directly in your dashboards, or download and modify them for your own purposes.

You can embed any graphic that is available via secure URL (HTTPS) into your dashboards, including all the Dashboard Layout Assets in the Dashboard Design Lab.

Use assets in your projects that are under your control or have fixed URLs. If the URLs of assets change, then links from your projects to those assets become broken.

In some cases, an asset that is available over HTTP may be made available over HTTPS by just adding an S to the URL. Even if this works, server changes in the future may make it unavailable. In all cases, assets should be under your control over HTTPS. The server that hosts the embedded asset must have a valid TLS certificate.

Follow the steps in this section to embed an image into a dashboard as embedded web content.

For additional options for embedding content, see Custom Embed Tool.


  1. Copy the image's secure URL.
    For Design Lab assets, right-click the asset and select Copy Link Address (Mac) or Copy Image URL (PC).
  2. In edit mode for your dashboard, click Web Content.
  3. In the Add Web Content dialog, paste the copied link.
  4. Click Save to return to your dashboard.
  5. Reposition your image as needed.
  6. In edit mode, select your embedded image and click the Gear icon.
  7. Click the Arrange tab, and drag the slider to send your image forward or backward in relation to other elements on the same dashboard tab, which determines how overlapping content is displayed.

Dynamic resizing of embedded web content is not supported. The resizing handles are used to crop the object.

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