Java SDK Versions 2.32.0 and Older

GoodData Java SDK versions 2.32.0+api1 and older are no longer supported.


Why we no longer support this feature

The GoodData API endpoints support the application/json content type as the main content type. However, older versions of the GoodData Java SDK use the old version of the login and token resources that use the application/yaml content type. The GoodData platform no longer uses the application/yaml content type.

Are you affected?

You are affected if you are using GoodData Java SDK versions 2.32.0+api1 or older.

Check the version of GoodData Java SDK in the configuration of your application.

In Gradle (the command syntax may vary depending on the version you use):

dependencies {
    compile group: 'com.gooddata', 'name': 'gdc-gooddata-java', 'version': '2.32.0+api1'

In Apache Maven (the command syntax may vary depending on the version you use):


Action required

Update the dependency of your Java solution to use at least version 2.33.0+api1, or ideally the newest version as mentioned in the GoodData Java SDK Release Notes.

What happens if you have not updated to the newer version

The login function does not work. The library cannot log in to the GoodData platform and perform any requests.

Need help?

For more information about GoodData SDK, see or on

If you have questions, contact GoodData Support.

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