Maximum Report Size

To prevent issues with overloading your browser, the GoodData Platform imposes limits on the volume of data that can be displayed in any single report. Report size limits are as follows:

  • 20 metrics or 20 attributes: Your report cannot contain more than 20 metrics or 20 attributes. Reports of this size are typically difficult to display and are usually better organized by breaking down the report into a series of smaller reports.
  • 60k rows: You may include up to 60,000 rows in a report, regardless of the number of columns. Other constraints are applicable here.
  • 60k columns: See previous. Same limit applies, except for columns.
  • 5M cells containing non-null values: Your report can contain up to 5,000,000 cells with non-null data in them. This limit can be reached if you are including multiple metrics broken down by multiple attributes that are arranged vertically and horizontally.  
  • 60M total cells (including null values): Your report cannot contain more than 60,000,000 total cells, including cells with null values. Since the null values are not calculated, there is less processing required, so the limit is higher than the non-null value cell count limit.
  • 200 values for report filters: A report filter may contain up to 200 values.
  • 500 values for dashboard filters: A dashboard filter may contain up to 500 values.