Keep Your KPI Dashboard Up-to-date

Review your dashboard periodically:

  1. On the project toolbar, click KPIs.
  2. Select your KPI dashboard from the list of KPI dashboards. 
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select a KPI to:
    1. Change the KPI parameters
    2. Click the KPI name to rename it
    3. Click the icon to delete the KPI from the KPI dashboard
  5. Select an insight to:
    1. Change the insight options
    2. Click the insight name to rename it
    3. Click the X icon to delete the insight from the KPI dashboard
  6. Drag and drop KPIs and insights to reorder them on the KPI dashboard.
  7. Click Save & Publish.

The KPI dashboard is updated for all users.

If other users have set alerts on KPIs, updating this KPI may affect the users' alert parameters. Deleting the KPI will delete the alerts.

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