Keep Your KPI Alerts Relevant

To get only the relevant information and not to miss any important events, delete the alerts from the KPIs you don't want to be updated on, or update the KPI alerts to meet your new requirements.

You may want to update the alert after the alert threshold has been reached and you got a notification about it. If the KPI value is cumulative, the alert threshold will only occur once. After it does, update the alert and set the threshold to a different number.

For example, you received an alert when the sales amount went above 1000. If you want to be notified again when the sales amount goes above 1500, update the KPI alert and set the threshold to 1500.


  1. Click KPIs on the project toolbar.
    The KPI dashboard page opens.
  2. From the list of KPI dashboards, select your KPI dashboard.
  3. For the KPI whose alert you want to update or delete, click the bell icon (), and:

    • To edit: update the alert parameters, and click Update.
      Now, when the KPI value meets the new alert parameters, you will get an email notification.
    • To delete: click Delete.
      The alert is deleted from the KPI. The bell icon is not displayed for this KPI anymore. Unless you set up a new alert, you will not be receiving email notifications for this KPI anymore.