Export KPI Dashboards

In KPI Dashboards, you can export individual insights as XLSX or CSV files.


  1. Open a KPI dashboard from which you want to export insights.
  2. Hover your mouse over the insight that you want to export.
  3. Click the Export insight data icon in the top right corner of the insight.
  4. Select the export file type.
  5. Save the file.
    KPI Dashboards save the file to your hard drive.

See the following section for details about individual export file types.

Export file types


Export your data to an XLSX file if you want to analyze the formatted data in a spreadsheet. 

By default, insights that are grouped by attributes contain merged cells in the exported XLSX file. To export without merging, unselect Keep attribute cells merged in the Export to XLSX dialog.

If you have any filter enabled in the report, you can add the description of the filters to the exported XLSX file. To do so, select Include applied filters in the Export to XLSX dialog.

The following images show:

  • The difference between exported data with merged and unmerged cells in the Date (Date) column
  • Applied filters included in the XLSX file.


By default, the Keep attribute cells merged option in the export dialog is selected. To change the default status, set the cellMergedByDefault platform setting to false. For details, see Platform Settings.

You can add up to five rows of additional text when exporting data to an XLSX file. For details, see Configure Custom Headers for XLSX Report Exports.


If you want to process report data in more detail in another application, and do not need formatting, export the report as a CSV file.