Edit KPI Dashboards


KPI dashboards have a flexible layout where you can add multiple insights and KPIs in a single row.


The layouts of KPI dashboards use a 12-column grid. By default, each widget (an insight or a KPI) has assigned a specific number of columns. The default height for all widgets is 342px.

If you set the width of geocharts to 12 columns (the full width), the height of the geocharts will be adjusted for better readability.

Add widgets to the same section

Add widgets to a new section

Rearrange widgets

To rearrange widgets on a dashboard, drag and drop them to a new place. The dashboard displays the target place as you drag the widget.

Resize widgets

All widgets have a minimal width for better visibility and readability.

You can adjust the size of the widgets on a dashboard to suit your needs. To change the width, drag the right end of the widget to adjust the width (the number of columns it occupies).

Pivot tables

If you add table insights to your dashboard, you can change the width of its columns on KPI Dashboards. KPI Dashboards then preserve the width after saving. For details about the column width, see Pivot tables.

KPI Dashboards do not change the insight itself, only one particular instance. If your dashboard includes multiple instances of the same insight or if you have the insight on multiple dashboards, you must adjust the width in each instance.

Small tables are automatically resized to fit the whole width of the widget. To disable this resizing, set the enableTableColumnsGrowToFit platform setting to false. For details, see Configure Various Features via Platform Settings.

Delete widgets

To delete a widget from a dashboard:

  1. Select the widget.
  2. Click the Trash icon in the top right corner of the widget.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

Responsive layout

The layouts are responsive to prevent the dashboard from being difficult to read on small screens. KPI dashboards use a predefined set of breakpoints that adjust the layout on display accordingly.

For example, if the size of the screen reaches a breakpoint, the widgets from one section may adjust the size and rearrange to two rows.

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