Schedule Automatic Emailing of Dashboards to Yourself and Others

All users can schedule automatic emailing of dashboard to themselves from the GoodData Portal, and optionally to others (even those outside of the GoodData project). Use scheduled emails to receive information from your GoodData projects without logging in. Dashboards are delivered as a PDF attachment. Any filters and permissions applied at the time of scheduling are also applied to generated emails. This means that email recipients receive the exact same version of the dashboard and its data that the email scheduler sees.

Email recipients can unsubscribe themselves from schedules via the unsubscribe link in the email.

Editors and Administrators can review and delete these schedules under Manage > Emailing Dashboards. 

Adding additional recipients to scheduled emails is an optional feature. To enable it for a project, contact GoodData Support at


  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to email. Optionally, add filters.
  2. Click the clock icon () on the top right corner.
  3. Choose the dashboard tabs to email and the emailing schedule. Optionally, define a custom email subject and message, or add additional recipients.
    Email Dashboard
  4. Click Schedule.
    The GoodData Portal begins generating emails as scheduled.