Dashboard Macros

Dashboard macros are useful for inserting the names of changing project elements into dashboard text or for embedding web content in dashboards that exhibit dynamic behavior.


Macro Syntax

Macros are always surrounded by percent symbols (%). Macros act as placeholders that are automatically replaced by dynamic project values. You can use macros in the URLs of embedded web content and, in some cases, dashboard text boxes. For reference information on dashboard macros, see Dashboard Macro Reference.

In the following example URL, there is a dashboard macro, which help you specify the content to embed:


In this example, %VARIABLE_VALUE(<variable_identifier>)% represents the (encoded) value that is currently selected in some specified variable filter.

Embedded Web Content URLs

When used in iframe URLs, dashboard macros can pass project parameters, such as the current value of a dashboard filter, to another webpage that embeds a GoodData dashboard. Macros can also be used for synchronizing aspects of two dashboards where one dashboard is embedded within another.

Dashboard Text Boxes

In some cases, you can also use macros to insert dynamic project values into dashboard text boxes (headline, sub-headline, description). 


Some examples of dashboard macros are available earlier in this section.

You can use dashboard macros as part of an effort to add dynamic images to your project: see Adding Dynamic Images to Your Projects.