Platform Settings

Platform Settings allow you to activate or configure selected features on the GoodData platform that are currently not universally available. Use Platform Settings to test if a feature works in your particular platform environment. If you are not happy with the results, you can easily revert to your original setting.

Platform Settings enable you to activate features hierarchically in the following order: Domain>Project Group>Project. For example, settings configured at the domain level are inherited by Project Group and Project. Settings configured at Project Group level are inherited only by Project.


Only change the settings that are documented in this section. Other feature settings can be removed or may stop working at any time without warning. Only carry out these actions if you are sure of what you are doing otherwise contact GoodData Support.

How to Apply Platform Settings

You can configure settings for a projectproject group (aka token), or a domain. You cannot configure the setting for a user.

  • When configuring the setting for a project:
    • You must be a project admin.
    • You need to know the project ID.
  • When configuring the setting for a token or a domain, you must be a domain admin.

When changing feature settings, consider the following:

  • If you have a domain (both white-labeled and not white-labeled) you can change feature settings at all levels: domain, token, and project.
  • If you do not have a domain you can alter feature settings only for a specific project. For a token contact GoodData Support.


  1. Log in to the gray pages:
    • To configure the setting for a specific project:
    • To configure the setting for a token:
    • To configure the setting for a domain:
    The page with the current settings opens.
  2. In the Config section on the bottom of the page, fill in the fields:
  3. Click Create config.
    The page with the setting details opens.
  4. Log in to the GoodData Portal, and check that the feature setting functions correctly.

How to Switch Back to the Old Platform Setting

You can switch back to the original feature by setting the key to the original value.


  1. Log in to the gray pages:
    • For a specific project:
    • For a token:
    • For a domain:

    The page with the details of the Key setting opens.
    The Key setting is set to current Value.

  2. In the Value field, delete the current Value and click Update config.
    The page with the setting details refreshes.
    The setting is now set to Old Value.

  3. Log in to the GoodData Portal, and check that the setting in now displaying the original setting.

Platform Settings Parameters

Use the following setting parameters to activate/deactivate the Platform Settings indicated:

Dashboard UI Visual Refresh

Updates UI with more attractive up-to-date visuals (for more information, see the Release Notes)

  • Key: newUIEnabled
  • Value: indigo (to disable, use value: classic)

Analytical Designer

Enables Analytical Designer on the GoodData platform.

  • Key: analyticalDesigner
  • Value: true (to disable, use value:  false)

CSV Uploader

Enables CSV Uploader on the GoodData platform. This is currently set to true for all new GoodData customers.

  • Key: enableCsvUploader
  • Value: true (to disable, use value: false)

Learn more: Add Data from a File to a Project

Schedule button on dashboards

Hides the schedule button on the dashboard. 

Use to hide the ability to schedule emails from your dashboards.

  • Key: hideDashboardSchedule
  • Value: true (to reactivate, set to false)

Learn more: Schedule Automatic Emailing of Dashboards to Yourself and Others

Adding additional recipients on dashboard schedules

Allows you to add additional recipients on dashboard schedules key.

  • Key: dashboardScheduleRecipients
  • Value: true (to deactivate, set to false)

Soft cell limit warning

Disables the soft cell limit warning, note this only disables warning that the report is too big.

  • Key: disableCellLimit
  • Value: true (to reactivate, set to false)

XAE Version 3

Enables a newer version of the COUNT and modeling many-to-many relationships.

  • Key: xae_version
  • Value: 3 (to reactivate the old version, set 1)

If you are upgrading to XAE Version 3, see XAE Version 3 Prerequisites.

Learn more: Count Improvements

Customizes the link in the invitation email so that the invited user is redirected to the URL where your custom application runs instead of your white-labeled domain page.

  • Key: invitationWelcomePage
  • Value: none (to use, set it to the URL where your application runs, for example:

Learn more: Gooddata.UI: Set Up Authentication and Single Sign-On

Monday as first day of the week in date filters

Sets the first day of the week in the calendar in a date filter to Monday. By default, the first day of the week is Sunday.

This setting applies only for the dashboards available via the 'Dashboards' option in the top menu. This setting does not affect the date filters in Analytical Designer or KPI Dashboards.

  • Key: weekStartOnMondayEnabled
  • Value: false (to enable, use value: true)

You can also change the first day of the week from your user account on the GoodData platform (see Set First Day of Week in Date Filters to Monday). This change applies only to your user account.

Learn more: Filter for Dates

Timeout for the embedded dashboard to trigger the 'embedded.ready' event

Sets the timeout (in seconds) for waiting for the embedded dashboard to trigger the event 'Dashboard export initiated - embedded content completed loading' (the 'embedded.ready' event), which indicates that the content of the embedded dashboard completes loading.

  • Key: embedReadyTimeout
  • Default value: 30

Learn more: Embedded Dashboard Events

Hierarchical Configuration API

For details, see Hierarchical Configuration API.