Find the Project Authorization Token

For Administrators only

The authorization token is the token that allows a user to create a project on the GoodData platform. Each project on the GoodData has the authorization token.

To find a project's authorization token, you must know that project's ID. If you do not know your project ID, see Find the Project ID.

This procedure assumes that you access your projects at

If you are a white-labeled customer, replace with your white-labeled domain in the procedure steps when needed.


  1. Create a URL for accessing the project gray page where the authorization token is specified.
    In the following URL, replace the {project_id} section with your project ID.{project_id}

    Your URL should look similar to the following:
  2. Log in to the GoodData Portal at
  3. While logged in to the GoodData Portal, insert the URL created at Step 1 into the browser address bar, and press Enter.
    The gray page with the project information opens.
  4. On this page, locate the keyword authorizationToken.
    The value of this keyword is your project's authorization token.