GoodData Demo Workspace

If you are on the Free or Growth GoodData plan, you will find a Demo Workspace provisioned for you to help you get started using GoodData.

The workspace is pre-loaded with data from six datasets as well as metrics (measures) to allow you to learn how to navigate the user interface.

To demonstrate the analytical tools, the workspace comes with pre-built insights and dashboards. As in any workspace, data and datasets are organized in a Logical Data Model (LDM).

In this section, we will explain how GoodData works and how you can create and customize your insights, dashboards, and measures using simple sales-themed scenarios.

Next Steps

The following articles use the data from the demo workspace to help you get started with using GoodData analytical tools:

To use the Demo Workspace to learn how to create and customize metrics (measures), see the Getting Started with Your Own Metrics section.

The GoodData demo workspace works on both the desktop and the mobile devices and the features described in this article also work in a regular workspace.

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