Default and Customer Domains


Important Changes to GoodData Domain Names

Due to ongoing improvements to GoodData’s platform architecture, beginning March 23rd 2017 GoodData is introducing the concept of customer domains.

What is a Domain?

A GoodData domain is the domain and associated URL used to access the GoodData platform (traditionally Whereas before, all GoodData customers and workspaces were kept in a single universal domain, with the option of a customized whitelabeled URL; architectural changes to the GoodData platform now enable isolated customer domains that allow greater control over customer workspace access and user credentials. 

Current customers who have a white labelled URL to access the GoodData platform (for example, ) can also request a change to customer domain for all the same benefits. You’ll still keep your white labelled URL but you will have greater control over user access.

Currently Everyone Uses Default Domain

Before March 23rd 2017, all existing GoodData customers (including white label customers) accessed the GoodData platform via the single login address at (or your customized white labeled URL if applicable). 

Current customers who have a white labelled URL for accessing the GoodData platform (for example, are not yet using an isolated customer domain. Just like customers using the domain, white labeled customers can also request to change to an isolated customer domain and have all the same benefits. You’ll still keep your white labelled URL, but you will have greater control over user access.

New Customer Domain

With the introduction of Customer Domains, all new and migrated customers are offered a unique domain name with the following pattern:

  • <domain_name>.<datacenter_region>

For example, if your company name is VltavaCorp and your GoodData domain is located in North America your domain URL will be:


When requesting a customer domain, GoodData will provide you with a new hostname. This can be customised upon request.

If you wish to request your own customized domain url you must first follow the steps in this article: White Label an Existing Domain.

Key Differences - Default versus Customer Domains:

Default DomainCustomer Domain

This includes all GoodData customers using the platform before 23rd March 2017 including current white label customers.

All new customers onboarded after 23rd March 2017.
All current customers who requested and successfully migrated to customer domain.

(by default)
Or customised white labelled URL if white label customer

For example:

GoodSuccess Access:

What does this mean for me?

Do I need to do anything if I’m using the default domain?
Nothing for now. GoodData will contact you when rolling out your new customer domains. If you wish to request migration to a new customer domain now, please contact GoodData Support at

Why would I want to migrate to a customer domain?
Having an isolated domains allows you greater control over your users. Your users will be able to access different domains and workspaces on the GoodData platform with the same credentials.

How do I migrate to an isolated domain?
Contact GoodData Support to request migration of default domain to a customer domain. We can help you start the process of migrating to a customer domain.

FAQs/Important Information

  • How to work with SFTP
    Users that use user specific storage will have to change username from <login> to <domain>\<login> where <domain> is the name of isolated domain.  For project specific storage the username stays the same PID@login.
  • How to use WebDav and API from clients that do not support SNI:
    • Non-SNI clients
      Support needs to check if clients and customers use X-GDC-HOST header besides X-GDC-CHECK-DOMAIN header.
    • Non-SNI clients that use WebDAV 
      • User Staging
        Support needs to check if a customer to be migrated uses WebDAV and supports SNI. They should obtain link for non-SNI enabled clients on URL:
        Pointed by link "user-uploads".
      • Project Staging:
        Pointed by link "uploads".
  • Import/Export Behaviour 
    Import and export behaviour will work in the same manner across domains as in single domain (across datacenters).
  • Registrations, Invitations and Password Reset Requests:
    • All registrations (verified or not), invitations, (accepted or not) and password reset requests (used or not) will be deleted during domain isolation process. They must be resent in the new domain when the migration to customer domains is completed.
    • Unfinished processes will have to be restarted. You will not lose set credentials or already created users.
    • All settings are persisted during domain migration.
    • The will be no impact to already set credentials or created users. All user and projects will be migrated under the new domain with all the current settings.
    • All settings are persisted during domain migration.
    • All APIs will need to have the new, migrated format. For example: <domain_name>.<datacenter_region>
    • Invitations sent via the UI will now land in your domain.
    • It is not possible to have cross domain invitations. Cross domain invitation from may be cloned during the domain isolation process. Contact GoodData support for information regarding this.