Aligning Session Between Your App and GoodData

If you embed GoodData in your App, you must align login sessions.

Your users log in to your application and on the background they also log in to the GoodData via SSO. If they are active in the App window, but inactive in the GoodData embedded window, the session expires and they must refresh their GoodData TT Token.


When you log in (see the Single Sign-On Overview):

  • Your application keeps GD session alive all the time when there is an active window with your application with embedded GD,
  • When you log out from your application, you log out also from GD.

For a better developer experience, we prepared a set of javascript events that can help you with the embedded dashboard integration. For more information about javascript events, see Embedded Dashboard and Report API - Events and Methods.

App keeps GD Session alive

My application keeps GD session alive all the time when there is an active window with my application with embedded GD

To keep your session alive, send the following event from the parent window using a javascript code. Sending the event every 1 minute should be enough.

    gdc: {
        name: 'auth.refresh'     

And  vice versa, if you need to listen in your parent window (the window where GoodData is embedded), you can listen to the following javascript event:

    gdc: {
        name: '',
        type: 'app.ok'

When you add these events, your application is aware of the user activity inside the iFrame (embedded GoodData Analytics).

Login session expiration

Session expiration can be tight to user activity. The Organization administrator can set the maximum user inactivity time after which login session expires.


The Organization Administrator sets the maximum inactivity time to 15 minutes. If a user doesn’t actively work with GoodData for 15 minutes its login session expires and user must log in again.

Please contact GoodData support to activate this feature. There will be special REST API resource for this in the future.

User Log Out

When I log out from my application, I log out also from GD.

To log out users from GoodData when they log out from your Application, use the following API calls:

  1. GET the currently logged in user URI:
  2. Log out user by sending DELETE request to the following resource:{user-id}
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