Monitoring the Platform

All platform interactions can be monitored and delivered to stakeholders. Through an innovative development methodology that tests and tracks features to maximize user adoption, the platform supports usage monitoring down to the individual object, report, or user interaction. For example, Powered By GoodData partners can report on user-specific project usage to verify that the analytics delivered by the platform are providing value to their customers.

The GoodData platform team uses the platform's logging and monitoring capabilities internally to test the impact of changes to the platform for user retention and engagement.

You can configure the platform to maintain a collection of rules that are evaluated as new data and events are received. These rules can be deployed for generating alerts and other notifications to trigger automated workflows in other systems.

All platform components log security and audit events to a shared log that is parsed and accumulated. These logs provide the input data for the alerts and notifications components and are used to generate real time dashboards for operations purposes. Aggregated events are exported and then loaded into GoodData projects for reporting on top of the audit log data.

Audit events are available only per request and may be subject to an additional charge. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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