Agile Data Warehousing Service (Data Warehouse)

The GoodData datastore is being transformed to enable to the versioning of data and metadata. Agile Data Warehousing Service (see Data Warehouse) provides the means of capturing snapshots of data and rolling back to previous versions as needed. This mechanism provides superior control over the process of updating all of your projects data and metadata.

  • Through existing publishing processes, you can choose the version of each project to make available to your user community. During implementation, you can define the number of historical instances of the database to maintain.
  • Agile Data Warehousing Service is built on top of HP Vertica, which requires clustering in every installation. In case of cluster node failure, shut-down or reconfiguration may not be required to restore services. Recovery is automated and occurs in real-time for minimal disruption.

Key Benefit: Other BI platforms retain only the current version of customer data. In these environments, changes made to the dataset, metrics, reports, or dashboards cause the previous data to be lost forever. Only the GoodData Platform enables rollbacks, so that you can make changes without fear of losing the rich historical repository that you have been building.

For more information about using Agile Data Warehousing Service, see Get Started Using Agile Data Warehousing Service.