Data Warehouse

GoodData Agile Data Warehousing Service (Data Warehouse) is a fully managed, columnar data warehousing service for the GoodData platform.

The previous name of Data Warehouse is Data Storage Service. This document may contain references to "Data Storage Service" or "DSS". Most of these references occur in code snippets.

Data Warehouse is designed for storage of the full history of your business data and for easy and quick data extracts. Using standard technologies, you can quickly deliver Data Warehouse data into information marts (such as GoodData projects) or other information delivery systems.

Using a provided JDBC driver and SQL queries, you can interact with a created Data Warehouse instance through CloudConnect Designer or a locally installed SQL client tool.

In this cloud-based service, you can provision and manage Data Warehouse instances through scripts or the GoodData gray pages.

A default schema is created for you when an instance is created.

For more information about managing your instance, see How to Work with Data Warehouse Instances. For more information about the GoodData APIs, see API Reference.