Modifying Multiple Recipients of Notifications through Gray Pages

Through the Data Integration Console, you can create new notification rules and modify existing notification rules for projects where you are an administrator.

In a notification that was configured in your project some time ago, you may see a reference to “multiple recipients” with a link to the gray pages, as in the following example:

Legacy notification with multiple recipients

Before the Data Integration Console was available, email notifications were configured through the gray pages for the designated project, which also enabled the delivery to multiple recipients.

  • This link may be present if multiple recipients have been configured for a notification.
  • Recipients for single-recipient notifications originally configured in the gray pages must be configured through the gray pages.

The Data Integration Console supports delivery to a single email recipient. Please use email aliases to deliver to multiple recipients.

As needed, you can modify the list of recipients through the gray pages for your project.

The gray pages are a form-based wrapper for using the GoodData APIs to interact with all configurable aspects of your project. This wrapper is available via URL and authentication.


  1. Click the grey pages link. The Resource page of the subscription pane for the selected notification rule is displayed in JSON format:

  2. At the bottom of the page are the channels fields. Each channel may contain an URL string, which represents a recipient of the notification.

  3. To review any email recipient, copy the URL string and paste it into the browser bar, pre-pended by: Press ENTER.

  4. The selected recipient is displayed on the Resource page:

  5. To modify the recipient, click the To field and make your changes. Then click Update channel.
    The recipients of the notification have been updated.