Notification Rules

You can configure notification rules to be delivered via email for process execution events. These notification rules can be used to update stakeholders when data is refreshed or to update project administrators when there were problems with the process execution run.

You can create a notification rule in the Data Integration Console (see Create a Notification Rule for a Process) or via the API (see Setting up the Notifications Using API).

A notification rule is associated with a process, not a schedule.

  • If the schedule is removed, the notification rule remains.
  • If the process is removed, any associated notification rules are removed from the Data Integration Console. However, these notifications still exist in the project and you can access them through the APIs.

A notification applies to all schedules for the process and should support the corresponding event for each schedule of the process. You can use the variable identifying the executable to assist in identifying the scheduled graph or script that was run.

Notification rules created in the Data Integration Console can be modified by any administrator of the process for which the notification is configured. For notification rules that were created through the legacy method in the gray pages, only the original owner of the notification can make changes. Through the gray pages, you can locate the original resource where the owner of the notification is identified.