Update the Data Uploaded from a File

When you get an update for the the data that you have previously uploaded to your project from a file (see Adding Data from a File to a Workspace), update the data in the project.

The file that you are going to use for the update must have the same data structure as the previous file had:

  • The number, type, and the order of the columns in the new file must be the same.
  • If exists, the header row (the row with the column names) must be at the same position in the file.

If the data structure is different, the file upload will fail.

You can update only the data that you have uploaded. Unless you are a project administrator, you cannot update other users' data.

Only project administrators can update the data that other users uploaded.


  1. Go to the Load page, and click Update from file for the dataset whose data you want to update.

  2. Select the file with the updated data, and click Load.  
    A data preview opens. At this point, the data is just read from the file and not yet uploaded to your project. The old data still remains intact.

    Depending on the size of the file, reading the data may take a few minutes. Do not navigate from the page, or do not refresh the page while the file is being read.

  3. Follow the instruction on the screen, and verify the data.
    Click Done.
    The data is uploaded to the project and overwrites the previous data. When data loading is complete, a notification is sent to your email address.

You can now start analyzing your data in Analytical Designer (see Create Insights) or in the Report editor (see Creating New Reports in the Report Editor).

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