Importing CL Tool XMLs in CloudConnect

CloudConnect is a legacy tool and will be discontinued. We recommend that to prepare your data you use the GoodData data pipeline as described in Data Preparation and Distribution.

If you have previously developed your ETL processes using the command line tools, you can import the XML definition files that you used with the CL Tool into your current logical data model. These XML files are then interpreted and converted into LDM graphical objects.

If the imported XML definitions fail validation, the objects are not imported. Before import, debug your XML definitions and validate these XMLs using external tools.


  1. To import XML definition files, click Import in the Details sidebar. Then, select CL Tool XMLs.
  2. In the Select files to import window, click Browse…. Select the XML files to import. Then, click Open.
    The files are interpreted by CloudConnect and rendered into the corresponding graphical objects in your data model.
  3. (Optional) To improve the layout, select the imported objects, and click the Arrange tool in the application toolbar.