Working with Your Data Model in CloudConnect Logical Data Modeler

Integrated into CloudConnect Designer, the LDM Modeler tool is used to quickly assemble the logical data models for your project.

In GoodData, a logical data model represents the fields and datasets of your GoodData project and their relationships.

Use drag-and-drop interface to build datasets, populate them with fields, and create the connections that enable flexible reporting within your projects. Your LDMs can be published to one or more projects directly through the interface. The logical data model is the contract between the data loading process and the project, and between the project and the analytical queries.

The logical data model enables a layer of abstraction between the information the GoodData user is accessing and the method by which the data is stored. This layer of abstraction allows continuous improvement of the physical data model and the tools used to access and maintain it without interfering with the user's definition of the data architecture.

Developers, who create data models in GoodData, do not need to create the physical tables and relationships within the datastore. This physical data model is automatically created by the GoodData platform based on the LDM that you publish to the project.

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