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Domain replaces the legacy term "organization".

Within the GoodData platform, a domain is a data entity that stores all your users and projects. At the technical level, a domain corresponds to a partition in the database.

You can have multiple domains in the GoodData platform. White-labeled projects must be stored in separate domains.


Creating a New Domain

Having multiple domains can be useful when your company manages multiple products or when you require an isolated testing environment.

A new domain can only be created by GoodData Support following your request.

Before you submit the request, ensure that you have the following:

  • Domain name
    It can be anything but it must be lower-case and without spaces, for example:
  • Domain administrator account
    A domain administrator account is a typical GoodData platform account with an email address and a user name (in the form of an email address).
    However, we recommend that:
    • A domain administrator acccount is not tied to an individual.
    • A domain administrator acccount is unique within your company and tied to the name of the domain, for example:

When you have decided on the domain name and the administrator account, create a GoodData Support ticket listingCreate Domain for My Company" as the summary of the issue.

Managing Domains

Managing a domain requires a domain administrator account.

If your company uses multiple domains, we recommend using the following naming convention to ensure uniqueness of users within multiple domains:

Some email servers do not support this naming structure.

Domain Administrator Role

Domain administrator can add, edit, and delete users to a domain.

The following chart illustrates the relationship between domains, projects, and their respective administrators.

The image illustrates the relationship between projects and domains within the GoodData platform.

As you can see, the domain administrator and the project administrator are two distinct roles with separate responsibilities. It is up to you to decide to what extent you want to combine the two roles.

For more information about user and project provisioning, see:

Domain Hierarchy

On the GoodData platform, customer's reporting data (called metadata) is organized in the following hierarchy:

Users can be assigned to any number of workspaces in the domain. For example, User 1 could be assigned to Workspace 2 only, while User 2 could be assigned to Workspace 1 and Workspace 2. Users can be assigned to zero workspaces, as well.

At a technical level, the project object contains additional information. See Architecture Principles.

For more information on these terms, see GoodData Glossary.